worldwide handling and transport of dangerous goods

Founded in 1994, SIA AERIE is a privately held company, which since beginning provides freight forwarding, chemicals trans-shipment and logistics services through its subsidiary and general partners in several sites in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia. The freight forwarding services involve arranging for the total transport of customers' freight from the shipper's location to the recipients, preparation of shipping documents and handling, packing, re-loading and containerization services.

AERIE operates two terminals and warehouse facilities with wide bulk handling and storage product list. To provide optimum and expeditious service, the company serve tank-containers, railtank cars, trucks, trailers, sea tankers, which are serviced and maintained at the company-operated logistics terminal. To ensure the quality control of company products, SIA AERIE provide laboratory control in all of its facilities.

AERIE during years of succesful work build excellent relationships with largest regional and international freight forwarders, shipbrokers, sea agents, independent surveyors, container lessors with coverage in over 70 countries. Through this alliance we are able to offer our customers an unrivalled service to cater for diversified transportation requirements.